Friday, February 12, 2010

Adasaurus Dinosaur


Adasaurus is a dinosaur that lived in Mongolia (Bayankhongor) at the end of the
Cretaceous, there are 75 A. It was discovered in 1977


* Its name means lizard or reptile Ada devil

Period: Cretaceous (- 144 M.A. at - 65 M.A.)

Size: 2 m long, 60 cm high, 15 kg

Habitat: Asia

Diet: carnivorous


Like other Dromaeosaurus, the hip bone is more like that of a Ornithischia than
that of a saurischien.

Adasaurus had a claw back like a switchblade but smaller than that of
Deinonychus and Velociraptor.

Inventory of fossil found

* IM 100/20: incomplete skull, ilium (20.2 cm); pubis (24.1 cm), ischium (11.8

IM 100/51: leg bones, phalanges, claws.