Friday, February 12, 2010

Dinosaur In India

Dinosaur In India

Scientists in India discovered a new dinosaur species in the Narmada Valley,
which was found about seven million years ago.

National Journal's team of Gujarat Narmada river
Jyogrefikl neighborhood, during which he campaigned in a wide search began some
fossil hand.

The dinosaur's head design of different

Paul Sereno, dinosaur expert

University and University of Michigan The mission of the U.S. experts were

A spokesman said the team's first dinosaur's skull was
found in


These different species of dinosaurs and the names 'Rajasaurus
Nrmedensis' is placed.

Associated with this campaign, says

U.S. expert Paul Sereno,
"is a different design of the dinosaur's head."

He said that the name 'Rojasors Nrmedensis' so placed
because it has been found in the

Narmada Valley.

Paul Sereno said that this discovery will help in the
study of dinosaurs.

So far it is believed that a huge meteorite fell to
Earth's mass over the existence of dinosaurs.

But scientists say that even before it could be a meteor
collides with Earth are objects which the dinosaurs became so big stature.