Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Dinosaur Are So Large ?

Why Dinosaur Are So Large ?

So everyone knew that until B mass of a large meteorite falling to Earth over the
existence of dinosaurs.
But now scientists say that maybe it even before a meteor
collides with Earth are objects that dinosaurs became so big in stature.
North America and 70
locations to investigate the fossil Dayanasor their footsteps and subtle
chemical residues examined.
Jurassic Period
They say that it knew
that the large number of dinosaurs had begun to grow around the Jurassic period.

And this might have happened during that time when
large-scale biological Earth as Bhugrbvettaon have disappeared.

Two hundred million years ago from this incident also
some changes in the environment must be taken advantage of the dinosaurs who
lived at that time.

The research is published in Science magazine said that
during the search that drew one important thing is that at the time a piece of
Iridiam sunken rocks.

Comets and asteroids on
earth Durlb Iridiam but is common to see them.

And shows that might be found on earth she fell
down a meteorite nodules.

Working in an American
University professor Dennis says that this search for Kent at the time when the
animal - animals placed in the context of the fragments showed that period

This shows that these large dinosaurs 20 million years
ago, immediately after the end of period Triasik emerged from the Jurassic and
the footsteps change Triasik was only 50,000 years.


Kent says Dennis gets the idea that a meteorite
research and its impact mass collides must be wiped out dinosaurs were so many
competitors dinosaur fruit - can flower.