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Dinosaurs Is a Greek word (Greek: δεινόσαυρος, deinosauros) which means in Greek
is a big lizard, about 16 million years the Earth was the most prominent
terrestrial vertebrate organisms. Troisik end of this period (about 23 million
years ago) from Kriteshiys period (about 6.5 million years ago), were in
existence until the end, then most of these Kriteshiys - have become extinct as
a result of Tertiary extinction event. Fossil records indicate that birds
originated from dinosaurs was Theropod during the Jurassic period and most alive
today descended from dinosaurs to birds palaeontologist believes.
Diverse group of animals were dinosaurs. Dinosaur fossils
scientists far more than 1000 species and 500 different strains identified, and
these residues are found on every continent of the earth. Some dinosaurs were
carnivores, some vegetarian. Some were bipedal and some Chaupaye, while
according to need as bipedal or Cturpad could change your body's currency.
Many species were developed with amendments of
various Kankaliy structure, Jinme Asthyy shell, horn or skin are included.
Although their large size as the common dinosaurs known for, but the size
of some dinosaur species were smaller than the human equivalent to some humans.
For the major group of dinosaur eggs, nests were built, and modern birds was
similar to Andj.
"Dinosaur" in 1842 the
word was coined by Sir Richard Owen, and for this Greek word he δεινός (Dinos)
"terrible, powerful, wondrous" + σαῦρος
(Soros) "lizard" was used to. By the mid-twentieth century, the scientific
community a lazy dinosaur, a creature with blood as immature and cold, but after
the 1970s is rooted most research supports the fact that this high metabolic
rate was being activated.
Nineteenth century after the first dinosaur fossil
dinosaur skeletons hung in museums around the world have become major
attractions. Dinosaurs have become a part of world culture and their popularity
is growing constantly. Some of the world largest selling books are based on
dinosaurs, with films such as
Jurassic Park, making them popular in the world
have played an important role. Regularly associated with them innovation is
covered by the media

Scientific Classify Of Dinosaur