Friday, February 12, 2010

National dinosaur fossil park blueprint

National dinosaur fossil park

Indore. Madhya Pradesh Narmada Valley loose on purpose to save precious heritage
Jurassic Park Fossil National Daynosor is almost ready blueprint.

In Dhar district, 150 kilometers away from here nearly
two and a half years ago a large number of fossilized dinosaur eggs were found.
The district then suddenly came in sight of
the world.

Chief forest conservator
Indore Range PC Dube said, "We in Dhar district, 108 ha National Park want to
make dinosaur fossil.
Garden layout is almost ready. "

Department of Forest Park through necessary amendments so the
template is finalized, so do not have to uproot them. He became a national park
fossil Daynosor edge area will be protected, where these creatures came to
increase my own family. In addition to researchers - about dinosaurs with the
general public will get to know closely.

Forest Department has set up barricades in the region,
however, but from where dinosaur fossils have been getting reports of

However, today it is difficult to believe that the
present kingdom of dinosaurs was never in the Narmada Valley. It is at least 6.5
million years ago.

140 fossil dinosaur eggs found in Dhar district in
removing the lead role of Vishal Verma is professor of physics. He is an amateur

According to these dinosaur eggs Suropad Verma family,
who were 20 to 30 feet in height. They were vegetarian and had come to spawn in
sandy areas.