Friday, February 12, 2010

Afrovenator Dinosaur


Afrovenator carnivorous dinosaur is the most complete ever found in Africa to

It was discovered in 1993 (described by Sereno, Wilson, Larsson, Dutheil & Sues

Afrovenator lived in the Cretaceous ((Hauterivian 136,4 to 130 million years) to
(Barremian (130 to 125 million years)) there are 132 121 million years.

  Its name means African hunter

* Period: Cretaceous
(144-65 AD)

* Size: 8-9 m
long, 2.3 m high

* Habitat: Niger

* Diet: carnivorous


Afrovenator measured about 9 feet from head to tail tip.

It walked on its two
hind legs.

He had a long tail and sharp teeth and curved.

The skull Afrovenator measured approximately one meter long.

It provides discrete ornamentation, but still a low ridge Lachrymal pierced with
a broad sinus.

The length of its hind legs suggests that he was a very fast predator.

Teeth marks found on bones Jobaria and it is quite possible that they belonged
to Afrovenator.

As Jobaria, Afrovenator is known only in northern Niger.

Inventory of fossil found

* An incomplete skeleton with a skull without mandible, vertebrae, ribs, pelvis,
limb bones ...